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Accounting Society

Accounting Society of USM sees itself as an instrument that students themselves use to extend their thirst for knowledge and experience beyond the lecture halls. It is a platform that functions to bring eager students closer to their dreams beyond university through events and activities that serves specific purposes.

USM Accounting Society


 1. To organize activities in the field of accounting for accounting students specifically, and for students of School of Management in general.

2. To ensure that more accounting-related activities can be organized successfully.

3. To establish direct networks between professional accounting bodies and accounting students.

4. To provide opportunities for accounting students to learn more about accounting.

5. To establish networks with audit firms and external organizations to facilitate the postings of students for practical training and also to increase their chances of getting jobs upon graduation.

General Information
2019/2020 Top Committees Information

President : Lim Chun Han
Vice-President : Farra Shameen
Secretary: Lee Zhi Wei
Vice-Secretary: Chin Joo Yi
Treasurer: Wanneyda




September 2013

MICPA Internship Talk

October 2013

Interaction Day

SOM Night

November 2013

MICPA Networking Dinner

Accounting Race

December 2013

CIMA Boot Camp *Invited

UUM CIMA Students Conference *Invited

March 2014

SOM Bazaar

April 2014

Accounting Professional Avenue

May 2014

Industrial Visit








1. MICPA Internship Talk

  • Mainly targeted for third year accounting students.
  • Talks were given by the Assurance Partner of Deloitte Malaysia and the Executive Director of PricewaterhouseCoopers Malaysia.

Acc pic1edit


2. SOM Interaction Day and Beach Cleaning

  • Targeted for all SOM first year students
  • Provide students with opportunities to interact with their peers outside of lecture halls and have fun while learning soft skills.

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3. Sports Day

  • To encourage students to participate in an activity that is not study based
  • To encourage interaction among society members and accounting students of different batches. 

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4. Accounting Professional Avenue

  • To provide an opportunity to Accounting undergraduates to deepen their knowledge about career prospects in the professional services industry.
  • To serve as a platform for final year students to apply or inquire for job positions in the professional services industry.
  • To serve as a platform for employers from the professional services industry and professional qualification bodies representatives to interact with students from higher learning institutions.
  • To promote networking among students from various higher learning institutions.

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5. Resuview

  • To provide guidance for students to write a presentable resume
  • Helping one to prepare themselves on acing a job interview

 Acc pic5edit 

6. Industrial Visit

  • Provide opportunities for students to visit professional accounting bodies and accounting firms.

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Jesslyn Ooi Yi Ying

Vice President

Yeoh Yun Jing


Ang Yong Zhi

Vice Secretary

Ng Shao Han


Tharani a/p Munusamy

Vice Treasurer

Lim Shiao Ting

Head of Human Resource and Logistics

Yeoh Hui Lin


1. Hong Ching Sing

2. Moganashanti A/P Karupiah 

3. Ooi Chin Teck

Head of Multimedia

Lee Mun Hoe


1. Boo Kok

2. Kalaiarasi A/P Murthy 

3. Tan Teck Long 

Head of Publicity

Preema a/p Dass


1. Choh Chelsea 

2. Nurzalikha Binti Sharudin 

Head of Information Systems

Chuah Lee Kheng


1. Parvin A/L Jaganathan 

First Year Representatives

1. Ang Shin Nee

2. Chan Fung Han 

3. Foo Chi Khing

4. Khadeejah Binti Abdul Aziz

5. Loh Ming Ying 

6. Muhammad Azneel Bin Muhammad Joseph 

7. Ng Kam Huang 

8. Ng Kim Boon

9. Nhavamalar A/P Gunaseelan  

10. Ooi Geok Thing 

11. Pavitra A/P Subramaniam 

12. Pavityrah A/P Mokhan 

13. Shangita Suvarna Gangaraj 

14. Tan Rhu Yee

15. Tarrshiny A/P Perumal 

16. Teo Wei Huat 

17. Wei Min Jue 

18. Wong Ai Ling 

19. Wong Xi Ying