SOM ALUMNI: Save Our Memories

Things end, but memory lasts forever.

Remember that “Fate Has Brought Us Together Here in SOM”.

In the spirit of honoring history and engaging community, SOM ALUMNI is the best medium to reach out. Here, you can look forward to events that aim to maintain and reconnect you with your current members and other alumni.

Learning never ends. SOM Alumni Association provides its members with in-depth ways to continue this learning through alumni updates, online content, news and information, and more.

You should be proud because you are one of the leaders and best, and no doubt had the time of your life as a student at USM SOM.

Even though you’re currently a student, the Alumni Association is looking out for you and wants to start building a relationship that will last a lifetime. Because this is where you will hail from one day.


Why join SOM ALUMNI ?

1.Get Career Resources

For those who are graduating soon, this is the best platform for you to start over your new chapter in your life. SOM Alumni can offer career resources to help you start thinking about what happens after graduation and this will ensure you’re putting your most professional foot forward.

2.Enlarge Networking

Membership offers you resources to help you advance professionally and take your career to the next level. SOM Alumni members will receive invitations to attend networking events to expand their professional connections. Meet alumni member and those who share common interests enable you to expand your networking.

3.Build Connection

SOM alumni associations generally have gatherings aimed at young alums that can help them to network and socialize. Some people also really enjoy maintaining a close connection to their college after they graduate, and the alumni association provides a way to do that. Meet up with fellow alumni at various events, including social activities, networking opportunities and gatherings.

4.Quality relationship

You’ll find many ways to stay in touch with your course mate, lecturers and best friends, but only one SOM Alumni Association dedicated to keeping you informed and engaged with SOM Alumni through activities, programs and publications. Whether it’s news about SOM, the latest research or other alumni, you’ll hear it from us. So, you won’t be thrown away the friendship that you built and your university memories!

If you're not a member of the SOM Alumni Association, you should be. Join the SOM Alumni Association today!


Adopt Your Hostel Room @ USM

????⭐️Adopt Your Hostel Room @ USM.
This proposal seeks to set up an Endowment to raise funds to refurbish the hostel rooms in USM.

✅ RM5,000: sponsor for shared rooms
✅ RM10,000: sponsor for single rooms
Donations to this cause can also be contributed as a group (e.g: few friends from the same cohort).
For more information, please contact Puan Sharifah Darweena, Alumni Development Centre, USM
Phone no: 04-653 4796 / 04-653 4790
Download the form "Adopt Your Hostel Room @ USM" 

Adopt a hostel room at USM

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