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Selected Publications by SoM Staff (2019)

Abdul-Halim, H., Ahmad, N.H., Geare, A. & Ramayah, T. (2019). Innovation Culture in SMEs: The Importance of Organizational Culture, Organizational Learning and Market Orientation. Entrepreneurship Research Journal. 9(3).

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Rahman, S.A., Amran, A., Ahmad, N.H. & Khadijeh Taghizadeh, S. (2019). The contrasting role of government and NGO support towards the entrepreneurs at base of pyramid and effect on subjective wellbeing. Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship. 31(4), 269-295.

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Kang, A.S., Jayaraman, K. Soh, K.L. & Wong, W.P. (2019). Convenience, flexible service, and commute impedance as the predictors of drivers’ intention to switch and behavioral readiness to use public transport. Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behavior. 62, 505-519.

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