SMART Unit or Strategic Management for Advanced Research and Training Unit is a portfolio established under the School of Management to develop and design contemporary trainings and professional programmes to cater for the needs of the 21st century skills. Here, at the School of Management, we aspire to equip the talents with world-ready skills and competencies that will promote their professional growth and unleash their full potential.

Our programmes fulfill the need for Future and Flexible Education based on the following:

  1. 21st Century Skills: analytical skill, critical thinking, digital literacy, communication skill and creativity.
  2. Flexible mode: ala-carte (pick and choose modules), full professional program certified by USM, flexible learning (online mode) and customized programmes (for in-house trainings or as per clients’ requests)
  3. Contemporary programmes that focus on developing the requisite skills to be successful in the digital era
    At the School of Management, we hold on strongly to the credo “Be Different, Be Relevant and Be the Gold Talent”, hence, our programs are suitable for those who aspire to build impressive professional dossier for their personal and career development. Change… and Be the Change.