Dr. Teh Sin Yin


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Position: Senior Lecturer

Academic Qualifications:

PhD ,Universiti Sains Malaysia,
M.Sc., Universiti Sains Malaysia,
B.Sc., Universiti Sains Malaysia


Room: E47-3-07
Phone: (+604)653 2894
Fax: (+604) 657 7448
Email: tehsyin@usm.my


TEH SIN YIN, Ph. D. is a senior lecturer at the School of Management, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). She joined the university after completing her PhD. She was a recipient of the meritorious International Congress of Mathematicians 2014 Travel Fellowship Fund to Seoul Korea awarded by the International Mathematical Union. She was also recipient of Outstanding Dissertation Award 2014 awarded by Industrial Engineering and Operations Management Society. Moreover, she was also a recipient for the Malaysian Mathematical Sciences Society Award 2013 for Ph.D. thesis and 2009 for Master thesis. Teh was a visiting fellow at City University of Hong Kong in 2014. Her research articles have published in several renowned international peer reviewed journals which include Plos One, Communications in Statistics-Theory and Methods, Computers and Industrial Engineering, Quality and Reliability Engineering International and etc. Teh has also presented more than 25 papers of her research works at various local and international conferences. She also serves as member of the editorial boards and technical/advisory committee of international journals and conferences of repute. She was involved in an Information, Communication and Technologies (ICT) research project with the Penang state government; and a mobile learning project with Motorola Solutions Malaysia. Currently, she is involving in a ‘Product Quality and Reliability Improvement’ project with Sanmina Corporation. Her research interests are statistical process/quality control, robust statistics, data mining, operations management, and quality management.


Research Area:

Statistical Process/Quality Control, Robust Statistics, Data Mining, Operations Management, Quality Management.

Research Project:

On-going Research:

  1. A Novel Approach for Prioritisation of Product Reliability Improvement in a Complex Manufacturing Environment. Collaborative Research in Science, Engineering & Technology (CREST) Grant, Co-Researcher.
  2. Assess the performance of multilevel multistate discrete time event history model, using cross validation assessments. Short Term Grant, 1 Jan 2016 – 31 Dec 2018, Co-Researcher
  3. Run Sum Control Charts for Monitoring the Univariate and Multivariate Coefficient of Variations. Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS) Grant, 2 Nov 2015-01 Nov 2017, Co-Researcher
  4. An Optimal Design of the Fixed Sample Size and Interval (FSSI) S Square EWMA Control Chart Based on Median Run Length (MRL). Short Term Grant, 15 Mar 2014 – 14 Mar 2016, Principal Researcher
  5. Exploration of Methods to Construct the Variable Parameters X-Bar chart with Estimated Parameters in Process Monitoring for Sustainable Manufacturing. Research University (RU) Grant, 1 Dec 2013 – 30 Nov 2016, Principal Researcher
  6. A new revised m-of-k Run Rules method in X-Bar Control Chart for Estimated Parameters. FRGS Grant, Principal Researcher.
  7. Development of a Method to Solve Problems of the Double Sampling X Control Chart for Skewed Distributions. Research University (RU) Grant, Co-Researcher.
  8. Optimal Designs of Exponentially Weighted Moving Average (EWMA) Control Chart with Runs Rules. FRGS Grant, 1 May 2013 – 30 April 2016, Co-Researcher.

Completed Research:

  1. Transformation by Applying Innovative and Sustainable Mobile Learning in Manufacturing Process and Machine Maintenance. CREST Grant, 1 July 2013 – 30 June 2015, Co- Researcher.
  2. A Study on the Median Run Length Performance of the S2-EWMA Control Chart for Monitoring the Process Variance. Incentive Grant USM, 06 July 2012 – 05 July 2013, Principal Researcher
  3. A Joint Monitoring of Process Mean and Variability with One DEWMA Chart. Postgraduate Research Grant Scheme – USM-RU-PRGS, 1 May 2010 – 1 February 2012, Principal Researcher.
  4. Detecting Differences in Distributions Using Pseudo-Medians. University Research Grant (RU) 1001/PJJAUH/811002, 17 Jul 2008 – 30 Jun 2009, Research Officer.
  5. The Virtual and Artificial Intelligence – Based Pedagogical Agent in Constructivist Based Learning System. Research Grant 305/PJJAUH/613102, Jun 2008, Research Assistant
  6. Computer and Internet Usage and Users in Penang State. Penang State Government & Malaysian and Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC). 01 Jun 2006 – 31 Dec 2006, Research Officer
  7. Implementation of Process Improvement in Motorola Penang. April 2005 – April 2006, Researcher


Selected Publications in Journals:

  1. Yew, S. Y., Khoo, M. B. C., Teoh, W. L., Teh, S. Y. & Yeong, W. C. (2016). A comparative study of the group runs and side sensitive group runs control charts. Pertanika Journal of Science & Technology, 24(1), 177-189.
  2. Teh, S. Y., Michael Khoo, B. C., Ong, K. H., Soh, K. L. & Teoh, W. L. (2015). A study on the S2-EWMA chart for monitoring the process variance based on the MRL performance. Sains Malaysiana, 44(7), 1067-1075.
  3. Teh, S. Y., Low, H. C., & Teoh, P. C. (2015). Statistical process control for process improvement: A case study. Advanced Science Letters, 21(5), 1094-1098.
  4. Michael Khoo, B. C., Teh, S. Y., Chew, X. Y. & Teoh, W. L. (2015). Standard deviation of the run length (SDRL) and average run length (ARL) performances of EWMA and synthetic charts. International Journal of Engineering and Technology, 7(6), 513-516.
  5. Ong, K. H., Teh, S. Y., Soh, K. L. & Teoh, W. L. (2015). A case study on ISO 9001 certification for a Malaysia automotive company. Advanced Science Letters, 21(6), 1949-1952.
  6. Lee, L. Y., Khoo, M. B. C., Teh, S. Y. & Lee. M. H. (2015). A variable sampling interval synthetic X-bar chart for the process mean. Plos One, 10(5), e0126331.
  7. Yang, L. J., Yaacob, Z., & Teh, S. Y. (2015). The mechanism of corporate social responsibility affecting firm performance: A study of Small and Medium Size Enterprises in Hebei China. Advanced Science Letters, 21(5), 1444-1447.
  8. Fang, Y. Y., Michael Khoo, B. C., Teh, S. Y. & Xie, M. (2015). A generalized group runs chart to monitor time-between-events. Quality and Reliability Engineering International (in press). DOI: 10.1002/qre.1789
  9. Chew, X. Y., Khoo, M. B. C., Teh, S. Y. & Castagliola, P. (2015). The variable sampling interval run sum X-bar control chart. Computer & Industrial Engineering, 90, 25-38.
  10. Yang, L.J., Yaacob, Z. & Teh, S. Y. (2015). The impact of corporate reputation on job satisfaction and financial performance: A study of small and medium sized enterprises in Hebei, China. Journal of Entrepreneurship and Business, 3(1), 72-87.
  11. Teoh, W. L., Liow, K. L., Michael Khoo, B. C., Yeong, W. C. & Teh, S. Y. (2014). A comparison between the performances of double sampling X-bar and variable sample size X-bar charts. Journal of Quality Measurement and Analysis, 10(2), 1-14.
  12. Michael Khoo, B. C., Lee, M. H., Teoh, W. L., Liew, J. Y. & Teh, S. Y. (2013). The effects of parameter estimation on minimizing the in-control average sample size for the double sampling X-bar chart. South African Journal of Industrial Engineering, 24(3), 58-67.
  13. Teoh, W. L., Michael Khoo, B. C. & Teh, S. Y. (2013). Optimal designs of the median run length based double sampling X-bar chart for minimizing the average sample size. PLOS ONE, 8(7), e68580.
  14. Teh, S. Y., Michael Khoo, B. C. & Wu, Z. (2012). Monitoring process mean and variance with a single generally weighted moving average chart. Communications in Statistics- Theory and Methods, 41, 2221-2241.
  15. Othman, A. R., Teh, S. Y., Keselman, H. J., Wilcox, R. R. & Algina, J. (2012). Robust modifications of the Levene and O’Brien tests for spread. Journal of Modern Applied Statistical Methods, 11(1), 54-68. 
  16. Teh, S. Y. and Michael Khoo, B. C. (2012). A study on the effects of non-normality on the performances of Max-DEWMA versus SS-DEWMA charts. Journal of Mathematics and Statistics, 8(1), 57-63.
  17. Teh, S. Y. and Michael Khoo, B. C. (2012). A study on the effects of skewed distributions on the performances of Max-EWMA and Max-GWMA charts. Risk and Decision Analysis, 3, 255-262.
  18. Teh, S. Y., Michael Khoo, B. C. & Wu, Z. (2011). A sum of squares double EWMA chart. Computers and Industrial Engineering, 61, 1173-1188.
  19. Padmanabhan, A. R., Othman, A. R. & Teh, S. Y. (2011). A robust tests based on bootstrap for the two-sample scale problem. Sains Malaysiana, 40(5), 521-525.
  20. Nor Aishah, A., Teh, S. Y., Yaacob, C. R. & Othman, A. R. (2011). Sensitivity of normality tests to non-normal data. Sains Malaysiana, 40(6), 637-641.
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  25. Michael Khoo, B. C. & Teh, S. Y. (2009). A study on the effects of trends due to inertia on EWMA and CUSUM charts. Journal of Quality Measurement and Analysis, 5(2), 73-80.

Selected Publications in Books and Book Chapters:

  1. Teh, S. Y. (2014). Statistical Formulae and Tables. Pearson. ISBN:978-967-349-329-6
  2. Teh, S. Y. & Michael Khoo, B. C. (2010). DATA STEP and PROC GPLOT in constructing a Max-DEWMA control chart. In M. T. Ismail & A. Mustafa (Eds.), Research in Mathematics and Economics (pp. 67-80). Universiti Sains Malaysia: Brand Interactive Malaysia. ISBN: 978-967-394-007-3


  1. Researcher. MOA for research between Universiti Sains Malaysia - Collaborative Research in Engineering, Science and Technology Center (CREST) - Motorola Solutions Malaysia Sdn. Bhd - Wawasan Open University

  2. Research. MOA for research between Universiti Sains Malaysia - Collaborative Research in Engineering, Science and Technology Center (CREST) - Sanmina Corporation - Wawasan Open University.




  1. 2015 - Excellent Constructive Review for The 26th International Business Information Management Association (IBIMA) International Conference
  2. 2014- Visiting Fellow to City University of Hong Kong (Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management)
  3. 2014- International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM) Travel Fellowship Fund to Seoul Korea (NANUM 2014 Travel Grants) awarded by the International Mathematical Union (IMU), Berlin, Germany
  4. 2014- Outstanding Dissertation Award awarded by Industrial Engineering and Operations Management Society, USA
  5. 2013 - Malaysian Mathematical Sciences Society (Doctoral Thesis Award)
  6. 2013 - Who’s Who in the World, 2013, 30rd Pearl anniversary edition awarded by Marquis Who’s Who Publication Board.
  7. 2012 - Malaysian Mathematical Sciences Society Scientific Paper Award
  8. 2012 - Hadiah Sanggar Sanjung Award - Publication Category (2 Journals)
  9. 2009 - Malaysian Mathematical Sciences Society (Master Thesis Award)


  1. The Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport - Chatered member CMILT
  2. Steinbeis Transfer Centre Network - Certified member
  3. International Society for Business and Industrial Statistics, International Statistical Institute (ISBIS)
  4. Malaysian Mathematical Sciences Society
  5. Malaysia Institute of Statistics
  6. International Association of Engineers
  7. Industrial Engineering and Operations Management Society
  8. Economic Research Association
  9. International Economics Development Research Center
  10. European Mathematical Society
  11. Academic and Administrative Staff Association USM
  12. International Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ) Association
  13. Robust Statistics Computational Laboratory


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