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Web of Science 2015 Q1

1. Lei Yong Lee, Michael Boon Chong Khoo, Sin Yin Teh, & Ming Ha Lee (2015). A Variable Sampling Interval Synthetic Xbar Chart for The Process Mean. PLOS ONE, 10(5) (Public Library Science) (SSCI ISI Impact Factor: 3.234)

2. S. Mostafa Rasoolimanesh, Mastura Jaafar, Nurwati Badarulzaman, & T. Ramayah (2015). Investigating a framework to facilitate the implementation of city development strategy using balanced scorecard. Habitat International, 46, 156-165. (Elsevier) (SSCI ISI Impact Factor: 1.746)

Web of Science 2015 Q2

1. May Chiun Lo, Mohamad Abang Azlan, T. Ramayah, & Yin Chai Wang (2015). Examining the Effects of Leadership, Market Orientation and Leader Member Exchange (LMX) on Organisational Performance. Engineering Economics, 26(4), 409-421. (Kaunas Univ Technol) (SSCI ISI Impact Factor: 0.871)

2. Nor Azuana Ramli, Mohd Tahir Ismail, & Hooy Chee Wooi (2015). Measuring The Accuracy of Currency Crisis Prediction With Combined Classifiers in Designing Early Warning System. Machine Learning, 101, 85-103. (Springer) (SSCI ISI Impact Factor: 1.889)

3. MingLang Tseng, Ming Lim, & Wai Peng Wong (2015). Sustainable Supply Chain Management A Closed-Loop Network Hierarchical Approach. Industrial Management and Data Systems, 115 (3), 436-461. (Emerald) (SSCI ISI Impact Factor: 1.226)

4. Yen Yen Fang, Michael B. C. Khoo, Sin Yin Teh, & Min Xie (2015). Monitoring of Time-Between-Events with a Generalized Group Runs Control Chart. Quality and Reliability Engineering International, 32(3), 767-781. (Wiley) (SSCI ISI Impact Factor: 1.191)

5. Chew, X. Y., Michael B. C. Khoo, Sin Yin Teh, & Philippe Castagliola (2015). The variable sampling interval run sum control chart. Computers & Industrial Engineering, 90, 25-38. (Elsevier) (SSCI ISI Impact Factor: 1.783)

6. Syed Abidur Rahman, Azlan Amran, Noor Hazlina Ahmad & Seyedeh Khadijeh Taghizadeh (2015). Supporting entrepreneurial business success at the base of pyramid through entrepreneurial competencies. Management Decision, 53(6), 1203-1223. (Emerald) (SSCI ISI Impact Factor: 1.429)

7. Davoud Nikbin, Malliga Marimuthu, Sunghyup Sean Hyun & Ishak Ismail (2015). Relationships of Perceived Justice to Service Recovery, Service Failure Attributions, Recovery Satisfaction, and Loyalty in the Context of Airline Travelers. Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research, 20(3), 239-262. (Taylor & Francis) (SSCI ISI Impact Factor: 1.023)

8. Ebrahim Bazrafshan, Amene S. Kandelousi & Chee-Wooi Hooy (2015). The impact of earnings management on the extent of disclosure and true financial performance: Evidence from listed firms in Hong Kong. The British Accounting Review, 1-14. (Elsevier) (SSCI ISI Impact Factor: 1.340)

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