Dr. Mohammad Nourani Dargiri


Position: Senior Lecturer

Academic Qualifications:

Ph.D. University of Malaya (UM), Malaysia
MBA. Multimedia University (MMU), Malaysia
B.IM. University of Hormozgan (UH), Iran

Room: Cabin B-3
Phone: (+604)653 5902
Email: nourani@usm.my

Mohammad Nourani is a senior lecturer at the School of Management, Universiti Sains Malaysia. He held several positions in industry for the past years starting from Financial Management Assistant to Finance Manager. In 2017, he completed his Ph.D. in financial and industrial economics in Faculty of Economics and Administration (FEA), University of Malaya under Bright Sparks scholarship where he gained the University of Malaya Excellence Award 2017, recognized as the best PhD student with highest impact publications. In 2013, he received his Master of Business Administration (MBA) specialized in finance from Multimedia University. He has mainly focused on performance management, financial management, risk management, financial economics and industrial economics. He has published a number of articles in his areas of interest in reputed academic journals such as OMEGA - The International Journal of Management Science, Economic Modelling, Applied Economics, Total Quality Management and Business Excellence, Singapore Economic Review, Asia Pacific Education review, Social Indicators Research and Technological and Economic Development of Economy.



Research Area: 
Financial Management, Performance Management, Risk Management, Industrial Economics, Financial Economics

Research Project:

On-going Research:

Completed Research:

Postgraduate Research Grant (PPP). PG185-2014B. Liberalization and Efficiency in Malaysian Insurance Sector. April 2015 to May 2017.



Selected Publications in Journals:

  1. Nourani, M., Devadason, E. S., & Chandran, V. (2018). Measuring technical efficiency of insurance companies using dynamic network DEA: an intermediation approach. Technological and Economic Development of Economy, 24(5), 1909-1940. (ISI 2016 Q1: 2.628, SCOPUS: #27/216)
  2. Kweh, Q. L., Lu, W. M., Nourani, M. Ghazali@ Mohd Zain, M. H. (2018) Risk management and dynamic network performance: an illustration using a dual banking system, Applied Economics, 50:30, 3285-3299. (ABDC: A, ISI 2016 Q3: 0.648, SCOPUS: #247/534)
  3. Nourani, M., Chandran, V. G. R., Kweh, Q. L., & Lu, W. M. (2018). Measuring Human, Physical and Structural Capital Efficiency Performance of Insurance Companies. Social Indicators Research, 137(1), 281-315. (ABDC: A, ISI 2016 Q1: 1.743, SCOPUS: #20/201)
  4. Nourani, M., Devadason, E. S., Kweh, Q. L., & Lu, W. M. (2017). Business excellence: the managerial and value-creation efficiencies of the insurance companies. Total Quality Management & Business Excellence, 28(7-8), 879-896. (ABDC: C, ISI 2016 Q3: 1.368, SCOPUS: #29/194)
  5. Lu, W. M., Kweh, Q. L., Nourani, M., & Huang, F. W. (2016). Evaluating the efficiency of dual-use technology development programs from the R&D and socio-economic perspectives. Omega, 62, 82-92. (ABDC: A*, ISI 2016 Q1: 4.029, SCOPUS: #3/127)
  6. Wu, Y. C., Ting, I. W. K., Lu, W. M., Nourani, M., & Kweh, Q. L. (2016). The impact of earnings management on the performance of ASEAN banks. Economic Modelling, 53, 156-165. (ABDC: A, ISI 2016 Q2: 1.481, SCOPUS: #105/534)
  7. nourani, M., Ting, I. W. K., Lu, W. M., & Kweh, Q. L. (2016). Capital Structure and Dynamic Performance: Evidence from Asean-5 Banks. The Singapore Economic Review. (ABDC: B, ISI 2016 Q4: 0.291, SCOPUS: #439/534)
  8. Maroufkhani, P., Nourani, M., & Boerhannoeddin, A. B. (2015). High-performance work systems and school effectiveness: the case of Malaysian secondary schools. Asia Pacific Education Review, 16(3), 461-475. (ISI 2016 Q4: 0.366, SCOPUS: #438/933)
  9. Nourani, M., Shamsabadi, H. A., Thim, C. K., Rasiah, D., & Sayedy, B. (2013). Value-at-risk and Conditional Value-at-risk Assessment and Accuracy Compliance in Dynamic of Malaysian Industries. Journal of Applied Sciences, 13(7), 974-983. (SCOPUS)
  10. Shamsabadi, H. A., Nourani, M., & Rasiah, D. (2012). A Review Study of Risk-Return Relationship and Performance Measures Comparing Different Industry Sector. Australian journal of basic and applied sciences, 6(12), 14-22. (SCOPUS)


  1. Chandran, V. G. R., Nourani, M., Kumari, S. Research, Innovation and Value Creation: The Case of Malaysian Public Universities, the International Joseph A. Schumpeter Society 17th ISS Conference, 2018.
  2. Lu, W. M., Kweh, Q. L., Nourani, M., & Ting, I. W. K. Dynamic performance of banks in the ASEAN-5 countries: the importance of capital structure, International Academic Conference, 2015.
  3. Nourani, M., Kweh, Q. L., & Lu, W. M. The Performance and Earnings Management of ASEAN Banks in the Liberalization Era. Postgraduate Conference on Economics, Public Administration and Business (PCEPAB), 2015.
  4. Impact of information and communication technology on remittance flow: a developing countries perspective, Postgraduate Conference on Economics, Public Administration and Business (PCEPAB), 2015.
  5. Lu, W. M., Kweh, Q. L., Nourani, M., & Wang, W. K. The Effects of Intellectual Capital on Dynamic Network Bank Performance. In Proceedings of International Conference on Contemporary Economic Issues, 2014.
  6. Thim, C. K., Nourani, M., & Choong, Y. V. Value-at-risk and conditional Value-at-risk estimation: A comparative study of risk performance for selected Malaysian sectoral indices. International Conference on Statistics in Science, Business, and Engineering (ICSSBE), IEEE, 2012.

Selected Publications in Books and Book Chapters:






  1. University of Malaya Excellence Awards 2017 (PhD Candidate with Highest Impact Publications)
  2. Bright Sparks Program (BSP), PhD Scholarship, University of Malaya, 2013-2016
  3. Best Paper Award in the Postgraduate Conference on Economics, Public Administration and Business (PCEPAB), 2015
  4. Best Paper Award in the International Academic Conference (IAC), 2015

Invited Speaker:

  1. Invited Panellist in University of Malaya Research Carnival 2015 (Next-Gen Grand Challenges). 2015.

Conference Organizer:

  1. Postgraduate Conference on Economics, Public Administration and Business. 2015.
  2. 12th International DEA conference. 2014
  3. Second International Conference on Social Security. 2014.

Journal Reviewer:

* Verified Reviewer at Publons Academy (publons.com/a/1598627/)

  1. Omega the International Journal of Management Science (4)
  2. International Journal of Business Excellence (1)
  3. Institutions and Economics (1)
  4. Asian Academy of Management Journal of Accounting & Finance (1)

Media Interview:

  1. Interview with IRNA News Agency on “Iranian Students Top in University of Malaya”