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Intensive Oral Communication Support Program (IOCSP)

The lack of English proficiency has frequently been cited as one of the dominant reasons affecting graduate employability. In an effort to address this pressing concern, the School of Management (SOM), USM has teamed up with the Language Department of Teacher Education Institute Tuanku Bainun Campus to carry out the Intensive Oral Communication Support Program (IOCSP) among Management and Accounting undergraduate students in the SOM. The IOSCP seeks to improve the general confidence of the students in speaking English as well as their oral English communication skills.

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Joe*, 4th Year Management student
“Prior to the IOSCP, I have very little confidence to speak in English and was not able to respond spontaneously in English. I have willingly joined this course, and have learned so much especially on my pronunciation, for example ‘bad’ and ‘bed’. But now, I am able to spontaneously speak in English. For instance, I was woken up one morning by a phone call for a job interview, and I could speak spontaneously in English during the conversation!”

WhatsApp Image 2016 12 08 at 3.31.50 PMXiao Mei*, 3rd Year Management student
“I was forced to attend the IOSCP English course, as my name was selected by SOM as one of the participants to attend this course. I would feel stressed and pressured to attend the classes. However, after the second or third session, I started to enjoy the classes and do not feel stressed out anymore. Instead, I felt that time passed too quickly! I am now more comfortable and brace to converse with people in English. I felt that this course would be better offered earlier in the semester so that it can help me with my presentations at the end of semester.”

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Tammy*, 3rd Year Management student
“Initially I felt forced to attend the IOSCP as it clashes with my classes and part time job. After joining the program though, I felt that the activities were good and helpful in preparing us for various tasks such as job interviews. Personally, I have learned a lot from the program. The classes are interesting. In particular, the class on pronunciation which is new to me. Best of all, I am now much better in my pronunciation.”



Nancy*, 4th Year Accounting student

“Unlike others, I joined the IOSCP program voluntarily after seeing how my friends who joined benefited from the classes. They also raved about how good the classes were. Through the classes, we developed our willingness to converse with the English lecturers and confidence to to volunteer ourselves for presentations in class. English is truly important in the modern world we live in today and it certainly pays to learn proper pronunciation as well as improve our communication.”
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