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Big Data Analytics (BDA) Talent Acceleration Programme 2016


Congratulations to all our students who have successfully completed the Big Data Analytics Programme. They accomplished 5 modules containing 26 chapters with 292 exercises and achieved a 100% certified-pass rate.

The 5 modules are 

1) Hands-on introduction to statistics with R

2) Introduction to R programming 

3) Intermediate R programming

4) Basics of Data Manipulation: Data Manipulation with dplyr

5) Basics of Data Visualization: Data Visualization with ggplot2

We would like to record our deepest appreciation to Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) for its generous financial sponsorship of the licence for 3 months access to the DataCamp online learning portal. This programme was based on the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) mode which was duly completed fully online. It was a self-paced programme with students receiving support from our academic staff.

The benefits for the students who participated in this programme include:

1. The exposure to the foundation of R Programming, Statistics and Data Visualisation techniques to build their analytical skillsets.

2. The award of a certificate upon completion of all courses. This certificate was immediately linked to their Linkedin account which could be viewed by potential hiring companies.

3. The opportunity to apply what they have learned to their final year project – especially in research and analytics.

4. The ability to analyse data and gain insight into business processes having acquired R programming.

List of Certified Students

No Name Major
1 Chan Lee Chien OB
2 Chong Chui Xin OB
3 Chou Pui Mun Finance
4 Chu Wen Sen Finance
5 Khong Kok Shen IB
6 Lee Suet Mei Finance
7 Loh King Seng Operations
8 Ng Kee Hung Marketing
9 Oo Yen Ling IB
10 Ooi Dean Jiun Economics
11 Tan Sue Ling OB
12 Tan Yi Ling OB
13 Tharani A/P Munusamy  Accounting
14 Wong Mei Foong IB
15 Wong Wooi Leng OB
16 Yeong Yun Nam Marketing



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